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    Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin

    Olivier Pescheux has created a gem with this offering! The opening is a wonderful combination (to my nose) of fresh-ground pink pepper and nice neroli (personally, I don't think too much) and fresh-squeezed mandarin juice and some orange rind. Awesome!

    I absolutely love the top notes here - fantastic, masculine and rich but segueing into a powdery iris within a few minutes on the skin (this is a very particular scent in "where" you spray it. I love Iris as a note and it blends beautifully with the Jasmine here - along with a dusting of nutmeg (but thankfully, not too much) or we would be heading towards a gourmand.

    The excellent vanilla, sandalwood and tonka bean drydown is a bit dusty (but another key note, patchouli, sharpens the finish - kudos to the brilliance of the perfumier...again, lifting the scent). I, personally, don't feel this is uber-masculine throughout its development, and I could see this as borderline unisex at certain times (most notably, the powdery iris/floral middle) - but as an overall scent, it is firmly masculine for the full wearing. This bottle exudes class, sophistication and quality!

    Here is the key, going back to "where" to apply this. The top note of pink pepper fades pretty quickly on my skin. I actually loved it so much and, poof, it was gone in 10-15 minutes. So, leaving the 3 full sprays rubbed together on my inner wrists (now resonating the beautiful iris and jasmine dusted in nutmeg), I reapplied 2 full sprays to my shirt and...BAM - pink pepper that will stay with the neroli/orange notes for a long while (still going at 45 minutes and should be there on clothes for a good couple of hours (much slower evolution in scent, for those of us who love to get the top and middle notes longer). One key, too, is that it does not turn nearly as powdery on my shirt, but you still get the nice iris/jasmine heart. The vanilla is there with the sandalwood, but the patchouli actually holds its own even more on fabric. When wearing this, I will probably apply at least 3 full sprays to my shirt, jacket, etc. to get the effect that Lanvin Arpege gave me today. It also lengthens longevity, as we all know, but it is retaining the notes that is key for me...

    I am extremely happy with this bottle of fragrance - Lanvin Arpege Pour Homme is very chic and, in my opinion, rather unique. It has similarities, but the pepper/iris accord along with the green patchouli mixed into the vanillic base makes this truly stand-out! My final score: 8.5+/10 and a strong recommendation! I also want to mention that I bought the 100ml gift set with a 150ml all-over body shampoo and a 150ml after shave balm - for those of you who love this fragrance...get the full experience from shower to shave to the wonderful fragrance!

    02nd March, 2012 (Last Edited: 04th March, 2012)

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