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    Gaļac by Martine Micallef

    "bergamot, jasmine, cloves, gaiac, vetiver, vanilla"

    See that? That's from a website where this can be purchased, and that really is a close representation to what I smelled as I've sampled my sample. The smart money also says that there's a bit of cocoa in there. In fact, as I wore this I didn't know what to expect, and still the bergamot, cloves, cocoa, vanilla, and gaiac were pretty clear. Well, I didn't actually know what gaiac smelled like, but now I do. Anyway, I wasn't really able to smell any vetiver, but I know that vetiver is often blended out of existence and is just used to mildly alter the character of a fragrance. As for the jasmine, well, there is a tea-like note sitting in there, which, by the way, goes perfectly with the bergamot.

    It is what it says it is, and it's great.

    Now there's the issue of potency to price. You see, for that kind of price you would hope the fragrance hauls ass much like Tobacco Vanille or Black Afgano, but unfortunately you're stuck with a whisper. I'm still very tempted to buy a bottle, but it's a purchase that must be carefully considered. It's a good thing I have another sample.

    Why do I feel like I'm channeling Paulie Walnuts?

    05th March, 2012

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