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    Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

    So I'm in some horrible suburb with some time to kill and I walk into an Ultra store in some street mall and spritz a little Bulgari Jasmin Noir on my arm probably because the bottle says "Jasmin" and is black or whatever and the next thing I know I'm falling in love. With my own wrist. I hope nobody was watching me. Unlikely...I think I was the only person in town. But how to explain it all? It was definately a good day. Any day is, when you find a pleasure you were not expecting and Jasmin Noir is that for me. I'm not sure Jasmin Noir is really so much about jasmine. There is a nice smelling floral note, borders on the generic maybe. There's a slight creamy chocolate quality underneath. There are almond and tonka and liquorice and the whole thing has a dry restrained gourmandness about it. Projection is slight. If someone were to say to me, "I think Jasmin Noir is unspectacular," I probably wouldn't disagree with him. But this perfume has a quiet subversive sexiness which is everything. As generic as it can sometimes seem I remind myself to be happy I found her. I needed to see someone on the side. I can't wear Lyn Harris every time.

    05th March, 2012

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