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    Aramis by Aramis

    I never liked this when I was younger. It always seemed a bit beyond my age. I guess it's more appropriate to say it intrigued me some but there was no way i could see me pulling it off in my 20's. I graduated high school in 1985, so I fully appreciated, even then a big powerful masculine fragrance. I lived on Drakkar Noir for a couple years at one point. Aramis was always one I thought I might come back to later and try again.

    Finally, last year after re-kindling my fragrance collecting habit in earnest I decided I should give this a proper wearing and really see if I had "grown" into something this classic. I gave it two trial runs and and when I actually went in with the intention of buying, the store's Lauder expert girl happened to be working and after finding out just how this fragrance got its start I was really sold. It is now one of those fragrances that makes me wonder why I don't wear it more often every time I put it on.

    06th March, 2012

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