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    Hermèssence Ambre Narguilé by Hermès

    I received a sample last week, and used two tiny dabs to test. It developed nicely as I was dressing; smooth, sweet with something familiar in the background. At first I thought it might be myrrh (my nose is not so precise yet) but after reading the reviews I understand it is tobacco I smell. What a surprise! I always avoided perfumes that had tobacco as a note for fear of smelling like a "smoker". I now realize this is a sweet, rich smell and have a bunch of new scents on my wishlist!

    Back to the review. Ambre Nargile is unlike anything I've tried before, warm, delicious and amazing strength and silage. Two tiny dabs from a sample vial under my clothes and my husband (who can never seem to smell my perfume) asked me, "are you baking something?" he thought maybe cookies. He loves the scent, though I think he was hopeful for a dessert at the moment. He's never commented on any scent I wear without prompting, so that's a big deal. Now, will he part with the money for a FB? That remains to be seen. Maybe I better go bake some cookies...

    07th March, 2012

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