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    A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

    Your trip to a chocolate covered heaven...through a portal in the sewer.

    That about sums it up nicely. The opening is fierce, dirty and dangerous. This is not something you would spray 5 minutes before a big date, to put it mildly. But when you get past the opening bite, you get something incredibly smooth, creamy, minty and chocolatey. This fragrance is very alluring and downright seductive in its dry down.

    The projection is fairly strong and I would caution against over spraying this one. And as anyone will tell you, this thing is a longevity monster. I applied it after a shower on one morning, went about the day, took a second shower after working out, went to bed, got up, got shaved and took a third shower and could still faintly perceive A*men as a skin scent. Heavens. Quite a feat.

    Angel Men is a masterpiece but that doesn't mean it is for everyone. In my experience, most people either aren't able or aren't willing to appreciate true genius when it's quite literally right under their nose.


    09th March, 2012

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