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    Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

    "Attention, fragrance shoppers!

    Take advantage of our penny fragrance sale.
    If you buy one bottle of fragrance at the regular price...

    you'll get another bottle of fragrance of equal or lesser value for only a penny.
    Try and beat fragrance for a penny!
    If you can find cheaper fragrance anywhere, wear it!

    Hey, what do we have approaching here?

    A new flavour: apple pie fragrance."

    When it finally dawned on me that TV smelled like apple pie a la mode, specifically with high quality vanilla ice cream, I thought of Cheech Marin's scene in From Dusk till Dawn.
    And that really is it. I'm certain that the intent behind this fragrance was to smell like apple pie. The tobacco is a faint whisper that only serves to enhance the apple pie spices. There also isn't much bass to it; it shrieks like a banshee without any darkness or woods. That's not to say there's no base, as the whole damn fragrance is a linear superbase.

    The sillage and longevity on this on are off the meat hook, chain, scale, walls, and outta sight. If you like TV and buy a bottle you are absolutely getting more value per dollar than if you bought any run-of-the-mill designer fragrance, despite the high price tag. Two sprays would probably be too much for just about any occasion. I have a 1.5 ml sample, I've worn it 3 times, one of the times I went too far and it was nuclear, and I STILL have some left. So the price really shouldn't be an issue for anyone.

    10th March, 2012

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