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    Vétiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    Vetiver Extraordinare is in the range of my favourite Vetivers on the side of the salty and windy Sel de Vetiver The Different Company, of the untamed and earthy Etro's Vetiver, the post industrial and dark Encre Noir, the exotic Vetiver Guerlain, the rooty-incensey Route du Vetiver and others as Terre d'Hermes (which with V.E shares many notes as orange, vetiver, pepper, cedar, woods and others) and Creed with its millesime' touch. I share my opinion with others of many reviewers, this fragrance starts raw and angular with a strong earthy presence of Vetiver and tart bergamot but with time starts to evolve towards something more fluidy that reminds slightly that sort of lemony and green tea effect i find in Sel de Vetiver and Terre d'Hermes. As well as the last this one, without losing the  earthy feel, evolves towards something more watery, lemony, incensey and grassy. I suppose that there are many notes in composition that support the vetiver exalting some of its upmentioned qualities, i mean cedar, moss, may be galbanum  or tea, citrus for sure and spices. A note of myrrh is listed and i suppose that, in its link with musk, moss and amber, it's the main responsible of the final process of smoothing of a smell that anyway holds on to be bold, rooty, slightly pungent and woodsy-incensey with nuances of orange-lemon, sweet spices, smoke, leather and mild woods. The outcome is masculine and complex as the smell of an old and leathery english bookcase room impregnated of smoke, mould, woods and smells of time.

    28th October, 2011 (Last Edited: 13th March, 2012)

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