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    Muschio di Quercia / Oak Moss by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

    I love the dark damp forest floor smell of oakmoss. I deplore the vast majority of wimpy perfurme manufacturers that have allowed the IFRA to run roughshod over them by restricting ingredients like oakmoss that supposedly cause allergic reations in a distinct minority of people. This has ruined some great classic fragrances. Well, if you want to experience real oakmoss in a concetration that probably would send the IFRA bureacrats into a sneezing frenzy, then get this fragrance. I admire this house and its perfumer for the magical creations they offer and for their willingess to offer animal scents and others (like oakmoss) that can't be found elsewhere. As for this particular fragrance, it's simply great! There's a bit of vetiver lurking in here and maybe some sandalwood, but the oakmoss dominates, and my how glorious that is! This scent works well in all settings. Unlike some of the fragrances from this perfumer, this scent has excellent longevity. For fun, I sprayed one spritz of this fragrance on my arm, a spritz of this house's civet tincture and followed it up with a spritz of the reformulated (castrated) Mitsouko and the result was Mitsouko coming back to life with the civet and oakmoss that have been surgically removed over the years. But buy this scent for its own value.

    14th March, 2012

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