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    L'Anarchiste by Caron

    Great reviews here - awesome "story" by PsychoTommy, alfarom (precise as always), and Gilgamesh2003 sums up whatever was missing. And, an honorable mention to Foetidus - who I think gives a totally summation of both notes and how I feel about the Caron house as well...true admiration of their audacity!

    Here is the scent pyramid offered -

    Top notes are african orange flower and mint
    Middle notes are vetyver, sandalwood, guaiac wood and virginia cedar
    Base note is musk

    I really like the bright metal-tinged orange flower/neroli note on top that is sparkling with the mint accent. This stays for a while for least the first 20 minutes or more on the back of my hand and is even more alive on fabric! Very key here to spray L'Anarchiste on both skin (liberally) and a few sprays on your shirt. My sleeve is really nice now...showing the top notes after applying about 30 minutes ago (PsychoTommy is right - the slightly medicinal mint stays on fabric!). This, to me, is not a beast for projection - but an "aura scent". Apply, let it warm up and you have a nice radiant scent fragrant that surrounds you - a couple feet or so away (this will not tell people across a room what you are wearing). If you walk by, someone of taste - and isn't too shy - should definitely ask what it is you're wearing, though!!

    The heart definitely warms up to copper-tinged wood accord - not traditional "woody". Mind you, the mint is still alive on your arm, but a "green" wood accord that I get from a fresh vetiver (clean, not earthy)-infused cedar and sandalwood. This is where the scent evolves overall into something awesome - the heart & drydown. The "spice" I get is from what I perceive to be a cinnamon stick accord (not grated - as that would be louder and dustier). No, the imagery I'm getting here is likeable to a heated copper pot of soaked wood chips (cedar, guaiac, and sandalwood) being stirred by a cinnamon stick. The fresh vetiver root is very rinsed & washed off and a few strands of root are tossed in...offering a greenness to the whole composition. Not dominant, but a key note the keeps the green mint on top through the heart and base.

    That is the picture I get. No blood. No vampires. But, a simply stunning flacon!

    The freshness remains on my clothes at over an hour! The musk is a just off-white musk here...not totally clean, but almost. The musk note is lifted, but also offers a touch more warmth on the base, which true "white musk" will not offer. I love white musk in my "fresh scents" and notice the difference here. Definitely not a heavy musk, though.

    To the House of Caron - you have some audacious taste! And, well, if it isn't for everyone, you never cared about that any way. Richard Fraysse, the perfumier, has given us a chance to try something so unique here. This is true art, to me. Like Eau de Reglisse (another brilliant creation from Caron and truly unisex) - there is a passion that is poured into this bottle, not just mass-marketed juice. This is not for the mainstream, which makes me like it that much more. A "niche", masculine fragrance from a larger house...and one that strikes me as simply great! Overall score - 8.5+/10. I offer my admiration and gratitude. Cheers!

    16th March, 2012

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