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    Al Oudh by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    I am surprised by the lack of reviews for a two-year-old GORGEOUS scent by L'Artisan. Perhaps it received too many comments at its launch and was overly discussed to the point of exhaustion?

    Regardless, the rumors perpetuated by the oud connoisseurs are true: The name is misleading. This is far less about the Oud and more about an middle eastern sunset accompanied by dried fruit, civet, musk, and vanilla-soaked woods. There is a warm boozy nature througout and, yes - a little skin. I get a cumin note, but it blends well with the animalic undertones (more so than in, say, Timbuktu - where some find that note a deal breaker).

    As Muscs Kublai Khan tends to polarize in its sexy vs. rank categorization, so will Al Oudh. Though I find this more delicious and rich-smelling than both MKK and Musc Ravageur, and more wearable than another smelly beauty, Absolue Pour Le Soir . Al Oudh's staying power is tremendous and not linear - the drydown of warm woods being a Duchaufour specialty.

    Al Oudh is Not a blind buy. But if you like scents that are incredibly sensuous, deep, warm, spicey, notably HUMAN in their balance of animalics, and without any nod to the laundered age, this could be your holy grail. It has been among my favorites since its release and, while certainly not for every occasion, it is spot-in for the most intimate of moments :-)

    17th March, 2012

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