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    Jicky by Guerlain

    OK, here I am on the 2nd floor of the Hotel de Place des Vosges in Paris, with the 6 foot french windows wide open above the 400+ year old Rue Birague relaxing after a lunch of celeri remoulade, and feuillete au fromage. As I have been all week, I am (still) wearing Jicky parfum. In the street below, Le 9 Birague Cafe is filled with customers enjoying their evening wine or cocktail and cigarette as well as the mild spring air. The famed flat twilight of spring in Paris, enhances the city's devastating and at the same time transcendent beauty. To me, Jicky is the smell of this Paris... a unique refinement, elegance, and creativity, supported by sheer humanity. I am fnding myself only wanting to wear it this week while I am here honeymooning.
    Basically, as another BNer (le MdM) explained to me Guerlain's organic approach to parfumerie is to embrace the smells of the body and exalt them, rather than to mask them. After wearing it for a week straight, I am going to having to agree with that. Jicky is a very pretty scent, that also has a bit of torrid passion mixed in there...but not too much. It smells to me, like skin but better, and I am finding that I crave the smell of it while here...I will have to see how it wears in NYC. I did however,pickup a 250ml bee bottle of the EdP at the Guerlain on the Champs Elysees.

    16th March, 2012 (Last Edited: 18th March, 2012)

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