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    A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

    What can I say about this scent??? Wow. I hated on this scent for the longest time. Spraying it on a test strip the opening is ridiculously harsh. For this reason I never sprayed on my skin because I hated it. The tar note is a middle note but it is apparent on the initial spray and it is just putrid. I decided to spray on my skin and spraying on your skin is still bad, not as bad as on a test strip but still not the best....BUT THEN...comes that dry down which I never was able to observe on a test strip and oh my that dry down.

    The dry down of this scent is absolutely marvelous. The top notes only last about 10mins on my skin and to my nose the peppermint lasts throughout the entire length of this fragrance it hides in the background peeking it's head out every now and then.

    I'm going to skip everything and jump into the dry down being that it is the part that lasts the longest. The base notes of Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Musk. This dry down is legendary. You get the caramel, the chocolate, the tonka bean, the musk, and a faint whiff of the vanilla. The dry down is just delicious. Though it isn't listed as a note I get a whiff of some honey, tobacco and maybe just maybe nutmeg in this fragrance. Honey and tobacco are definitely prevalent to my nose though.

    The scent does last, on my skin I'm not getting monster longevity the way this fragrance has been described as. I only use 2 sprays 1 to the chest and 1 to the neck so that could be the case. I would say I get maybe 8 hours on it.

    Projection I'm not really sure about...I applied 2 sprays maybe an hour before getting on a party bus and no one seemed to notice anything. So as I stated it could be that the 2 sprays on my skin, which could be increased.

    I will say that this scent is not one that can be worn by anybody. It takes a very confident person to pull this fragrance off good. I would not recommend anyone to spray this on a test strip. Just spray it on your skin, this way you can witness the dry down first hand (lol no pun intended).

    This is popular in the fragrance community but not to much outside the fragrance community (maybe due to lack of knowledge on fragrances and that stinky first impression on a test strip). I have never smelled this on anyone. So if you want to be daring and step outside the box of the normal favorites I would highly recommend this fragrance.

    All in all this is a great gourmand scent and it is legendary for a reason. This will always be a part of my wardrobe.

    19th March, 2012

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