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    No. 5 by Chanel

    I am a (gay) man and I love #5 so much that I wear it myself as it works well on my skin. I can also be perfectly layered atop a more masculine woody or leathery scent.

    It is the purest jasmine scent I know, and it is so well constructed with all ingredients in perfect harmony that it is like listening to the London Symphonic orchestra or probably more accurately some French opera.

    Though preferably used as an evening scent (perfume) this is the olfactory equivalent to a floral burst you get after prolonged rain, when the sun pops open all flower buds and they all ooze their fragrance into the open air on a perfect spring day.

    If >>Shalimar<< is the slightly louder more "slutty" one (the 'Samantha' of perfumes), then #5 is definitely the more distinguished, romantic, big dreaming 'Carrie Bradshaw'.

    I love this fragrance for it oozes class and luxury with the familiarity of "baby powder". Sheer amazing!

    14th March, 2012 (Last Edited: 19th March, 2012)

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