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    B*Men by Thierry Mugler

    Instead of the chocolate accord in A*Men, B*Men is more focused on the licorice and the spices.

    While I love both fragrances, I do believe that B*Men is much more wearable, and a better seller overall. It's a nice combination of sweet and spicy, with a very subtle gourmand feel throughout.

    Sexy, a little daring and very Thierry Mugler in its style, B*Men delivers. The incredibly earthy and woodsy drydown may be too much for some, especially those that hate patchouli in large doses, however I enjoyed the drydown the most.

    A little does go a long way in regards to wearing B*Men. Like all Thierry Mugler fragrances, the sillage and lasting power never disappoints, in fact it is often so powerful that it leaves you breathless.

    The leather note in this fragrance isn't as strong as I expected to be. I guess you could say that it has been overshadowed by the sugar and spices. Although I like this fragrance the way it is, a bit more on the leather side of things would have given this fragrance more of a bite.

    It's difficult to sum up this rather complex fragrance in a few words, however if I really had to, B*Men would be defined as a masculine vanilla scent with rich, syrupy woods and licorice accords.

    22nd March, 2012

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