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    Rose Essentielle by Bulgari

    What a glorious rose! I definitely did not expect to find a rose scent of this calibre from such a well-known, mainstream brand. Rose Essentielle is pure loveliness.

    Being absolutely perfect for Spring and Summer wear, this is a sweet and slightly powdery take on a pretty, pink rose note. Classy, feminine and smooth, each and every note in this composition works in unison.

    With most rose scents, the rose note tends to become too sharp and somewhat tart-like throughout the fragrance's development. In the case of Rose Essentielle, this is not an issue. This fragrance is easy to wear and effortlessly pretty. It's lightness and subtle berry sweetness only adds to its widespread appeal.

    Initially this fragrance goes on rather strong, with a rich, jammy rose, highlighted by the berry notes and the violet. After a few hours the scent settles into a delicate, powdery rose, which is thankfully not the soapy kind.

    Lady-like, refined and romantic, this fragrance encouraged me to get in touch with my feminine side. The lasting strength is very good, especially for that of such a soft, light fragrance. I can see Rose Essentielle being worn well in every season, both casually and formally. It has just the right amount of realistic roses and complexity to make this fragrance absolutely outstanding.

    22nd March, 2012

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