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    Dior Homme by Christian Dior

    I came to find Dior Homme when on a shopping expedition, searching for a new male fragrance to gift my love.

    Dior Homme strikes me as being very classy and sophisticated. This fragrance is essentially what I'd imagine a male model smelling like. A metrosexual fragrance, you may ask? I would agree entirely.

    Mostly woodsy and aromatic, (particularly with the lavender and sage notes), Dior Homme does have a touch of sweetness, somewhat vanillic in its nature. The iris also gives this fragrance a unisex feel, which I think is correct. I would definitely consider wearing this fragrance myself on certain occasions.

    The scent itself is smooth, confident and alluring. It doesn't have that animalistic effect that some male fragrances have on me, however if a man were to try and seduce me, while subjecting me to smelling this fragrance, I could get myself a little worked up on it. It's a scent that tends to crawl its way into your heart.

    The sillage and lasting power of Dior Homme is well-worth the money spent. Dior makes such quality scents that I often feel that they deserve much more praise than they are given.

    I was actually surprised to discover how unique Dior Homme is. As is the case with many popular male fragrances, I find them pleasant yet generic at the same time. Dior Homme was a nice discovery.

    Unfortunately I found this fragrance too sophisticated for my rather creative and wild man. But in regards to buying something for my male friends, Dior Homme will be kept as a potential gift in my mind.

    22nd March, 2012

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