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    Rose 31 by Le Labo

    Le Labo is fast becoming one of my favourite niche fragrance houses. I am already a huge fan of Oud 27, so while I was on a massive rose search, I decided to give Rose 31 a try.

    I tested this fragrance knowing full well that it was a male fragrance. Many female celebrities however, delight in wearing Rose 31, so I was game enough to spray it liberally on my skin.

    What an interesting take on rose. It is neither too floral nor too masculine. Rose is actually the most subtle note in this composition, with the woods, spices and earthy notes playing for dominance.

    Somewhat animalic in its nature, this is dirty, raw rose. The best description I can give is that of a delicate rose mushed into the ground, smoothered in mud, set on fire and drizzled with resins and spices.

    Dark, but light-hearted at the same time, Rose 31 is a little bit like Tauer's Incense Rose, but not so smokey. The scent itself, despite its boldness, never becomes too overpowering. I do believe that this fragrance would work well as both a casual and formal scent.

    Well, after testing this fragrance I would not categorise it as a strict rose soliflore, nor would I say it is for men only. Surprisingly, rose haters would probably really enjoy Le Labo's Rose 31.

    22nd March, 2012

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