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    Mitsouko by Guerlain

    I still have a lot to learn about chypres, so it made perfect sense to try one of the world's most famous chypres, Mitsouko.

    'Perfumes: The Guide' uses Mitsouko as their chypre reference, hailing it as one of Guerlain's best masterpieces. I'm young, not really a big fan of chypres, however I do agree wholeheartedly on that definition.

    Mitsouko is warm, slighty spicy, mossy, citrusy and dry. This fragrance tends to be so complex that it is difficult to pinpoint any particular note at any given time.

    While this fragrance may be classic and extremely well-known, there is a sense of timelessness in this fragrance. It doesn't age as it makes an easy transition into a new century.

    The classic Guerlain's continue to amaze me. Mitsouko is just as worthy of praise as those very distinguished Shalimar and L'Heure Bleue bottles. It is a pity that Guerlain now produces fragrances that don't live up to its renowned name.

    While mostly green, crisp and earthy to my nose, (a scent that I'd also recommend to men), I feel a sense of velvety softness, something that settles on my skin like a harmony of silky florals and creamy goodness. This contradictory experience both confuses me and allures me at the same time.

    Perhaps the reason why this fragrance is such a masterpiece is because it can evoke so many different feelings and opinions. Mitsouko is not something I can imagine myself wearing, however it is something that I could have the desire to smell every few seconds if I had the opportunity.

    22nd March, 2012

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