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    Black Cashmere by Donna Karan

    Black Cashmere, is rich, sultry and dark. I liken it more to black, shiny silk rather than cashmere.

    There is something oddly sexual about this fragrance, perhaps it is its slightly masculine smokiness and bold spiciness. I'm surprised that this wasn't so popular when it was first released, however the amount of followers it has gained since the re-release has been huge.

    In a sense this fragrance is quite complex, with an array of spicy notes, woods and earthy vanilla. I expected this fragrance to be much stronger, sillage-wise than it was. Black Cashmere is surprisingly quite intimate, soft almost.

    The scent is bewitchingly beautiful, a definite must-try for incense lovers like myself. I sprayed Black Cashmere all over myself prior to going out in the city, I did however have Myrrhe Ardente by Annick Goutal sprayed lightly on my right wrist. While I enjoyed both scents, Black Cashmere unfortunately didn't last the distance, the long seven hours, drunken, in a pair of heels was too long for this fragrance to last.

    I do believe that with the re-issue the scent has been watered-down, made much softer, because from what I've heard, Black Cashmere in its original formulation was heavy and cloying.

    This fragrance is still delightful, don't get me wrong, however I'm a woman that loves her incense-based fragrances heavy and lasting. Black Cashmere, in my opinion, is better suited to intimate occasions, like romantic dates or cold nights lying in front of a nice, warm fire.

    23rd March, 2012

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