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    DKNY Delicious Candy Apple Juicy Berry by Donna Karan

    DKNY Juicy Berry, to my nose is Delicious Night minus the smokey incense and the dark, fruity accords.

    I don't understand why this whole Candy Apples series was necessary, they're just overly sweetened versions of the originals. I expected something a little different, however they've left me underwhelmed.

    DKNY Juicy Berry smells like blueberry flavoured bubble-gum. Sweet, somewhat juicy, but not as likable as other rich berry scents like Escada's Moon Sparkle and Britney Spears' Midnight Fantasy.

    This fragrance screams teenage girls. This is definitely something that the younger generation will like. Speaking from the experience of a twenty year old, this fragrance made me feel girly and immature.

    They say there's rose and woods in this composition, however I disagree. DKNY Juicy Berry, is as the name implies, berries all the way through. Sugar-coated berries with very little lasting power.

    Because this fragrance isn't all that strong, it could possibly be worn in Summer. This fragrance is very candy-like, however I wouldn't say that there is any hint of apple in there. Best stick to the original Be Delicious for a juicy apple hit.

    23rd March, 2012

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