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    Daliflor by Salvador Dali

    Anyone interested in reading my reviews lately might be excused for thinking that I specialize in negative ones. The last few have been because I'm disposing of scents I don't like... (any more, I guess, since I acquired them once, yes!)

    I hadn't worn Daliflor EdT for a while, but as I keep all my scents in a cool dark cupboard they don't spoil. I have a Kashaya de Kenzo in there bought in 1995 which is as lovely as ever.

    This is how the big D hit me today: opening harshly green, it rapidly segued to loud sour rose. I washed my wrists. Too bad, it was still there. The sour rose squatted sullenly on its patch, resentfully supported by a dry-down of burnt sugar. Bah, yuck! Into the trash with you!

    It coulda binna contenda, but there's something wrong with the structure *and* the proportions of constituents. You know, it's rather like coming to live in a city you don't know, where you're keen to settle and buy a property. Something in the newspaper looks right price-wise and size-wise. The suburb turns out to be in a damp hollow which feels too far away; the flat is an ugly brick unit with fair-sized rooms *but* with an exceptionally low stud and small windows which all look out onto dark gorse-covered hills. The supermarket is small, filled with junk food and unripe fruit. Except for the bananas you went in for, which are rotten. You get the general idea. I guess my taste (and probably my chemistry) has changed in the last decade.

    21st March, 2012 (Last Edited: 24th March, 2012)

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