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    Bel Respiro by Chanel

    While all the Chanel Les Exclusifs fragrances are outstanding in their own unique way, I find Bel Respiro to be the least memorable.

    Perhaps it is the fact that green scents don't usually appeal to me, with Chanel No.19 being a scent that I truly despised and wished to forget. Bel Respiro although similar in style to No.19 is much nicer, more complex and a touch more floral.

    While crisp, dewy and green, Bel Respiro reminds me of the smell of a fernery after a heavy downpour of rain. It has a delightful sense of watery greeness and subtle herbs.

    There are some floral nuances throughout the composition that are more like wilted, soggy blooms rather than the bright, lively, overtly scented ones.

    The leather features quite prominently during the heart and towards the drydown, however I don't find this note as nauseating as the leather clashing with the green notes in Chanel No.19.

    Bel Respiro is the essence of Spring in a bottle, evoking the sense of a pretty sun-shower. Despite being marketed towards women, I find this fragrance equally wearable for men. The powdery aspect in the drydown is the only thing about Bel Respiro that I'd call feminine.

    It's a fairly polite scent, in other words not as bold and daring as let's say Coromandel, No.22 and 31 Rue Cambon. However, with that being said, I find it to be a nice additive to the green floral category, one that I can tolerate and enjoy.

    24th March, 2012

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