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    No. 22 by Chanel

    Chanel No.22 is much prettier and ten times sexier than Chanel No.5.

    No.5 is like sharp baby powder and old cosmetics, whereas No.22, although powdery as well, has a beautiful array of floral accords, smokey incense and bourbon vanilla.

    I can really smell the ylang ylang in this fragrance, along with the vanilla and the lily of the valley. These combined notes gives this scent a classically feminine appeal.

    It's a confident scent with a touch of youthfulness, particularly with the sweet nuances. I initially detested aldehydes when I was younger, however since reaching my 20's, powdery scents are classified by me as being sexy scents.

    Chanel No.22 is very white, but nowhere near being innocent. It brings to mind the feeling of being prim and proper but flirtatious at the same time.

    The powder in this fragrance is less alarming than some aldehydic fragrances I've tried. It has some similarities to the beautiful D&G Women (the one with the red cap), which I also adore.

    The sillage and lasting power is commendable, as is its ability to work well with any kind of skin chemistry. I highly recommend this classic Chanel masterpiece.

    24th March, 2012

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