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    Gris Clair by Serge Lutens

    I'll go somewhat against the grain in saying that the clean lavender opening of Gris Clair is the best part of the scent, IMO. It is a refreshing menthol mixed with a nice natural lavender that led me to think for a moment that Gris Clair was a rare exception to my "no lavender scents" rule. Unfortunately the top notes disappear in seconds, and then a powdery iris note (another note I can't stand) appears in full force and mixes with the lavender making the scent near "scrubber" material for me. The iris continues to build even further as the scent develops, making it more and more powdery and less to my taste. Finally, amber adds a touch of sweetness to the iris/lavender combo to finish off the disappointing development. Sillage is average, and longevity is well above average.

    This one started off with a lot of promise with its uncommonly appealing lavender rendition, but in the end the iris ruined it for me and made it a mild thumbs down overall. I could see iris fans enjoying this scent plenty though, so please do try it if iris and lavender are notes you enjoy. In my case they are two of my least favorite notes, so the odds of me liking Gris Clair were low to begin with. Oh well.

    24th March, 2012

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