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    Néroli by Annick Goutal

    I shouldn't be comparing this fragrance to other neroli based scents, however only seconds before trying this fragrance I had tested Le Lebo's Neroli 36.

    Had I not smelt a much sweeter and more feminine Neroli 36, Annick Goutal's Neroli may have been delicate to my nose too.

    The orange note is certainly obvious in this fragrance. It's not overly citrusy, more pulpy and juicy with a dash of herbs. It does have a masculine quality to it, however I wouldn't go so far to say that it's unpleasant.

    The scent tends to be very light and airy at times with a touch of greeness and a likable bitterness. Unfortunately the lasting power is extremely poor, I could barely smell it after an hour on my skin.

    Neroli evokes a strong sense of Summer in my mind. Lots of sunshine, cool drinks and warm breezes. It's pretty, but like I said, disappointing in the longevity department. I wanted to see how it would develop further.

    Vanilla does play a part in this fragrance's drydown, giving Neroli a somewhat sweet aspect that still manages to smell very natural. What I do admire about this fragrance is its ability to smell like a blossom picked fresh from a garden. This is an all-natural interpretation of a beautiful orange blossom.

    24th March, 2012

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