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    17/17 Homme by Xerjoff

    An Imperial leather, arrogant and high class. Birch tar, hesperides, dark leather shined by lucid foam and opaque flowers are the prominent notes under my profane nose. Caraway, terragon, birch tar and ginger project gas and aromatic air. There is the Cuir the Russie's leathery, rubbery (polish) and oily beat in the air and a balance between spicy-rooty and soft elements completes the dry down. This scent is a majestic citrus-lavender and leather prominent fragrance with a strong and spicy grey-dark and green-aromatic vibe, a stiff floral subtleness and a touch of gassy rubber. There is a spicy and slightly orangy feel in the air that reminds me effectively Onda Vero Profumo although the former is less leathery and more orangy than the Xerjoff one. There is an undeniable resemblance of the former with Knize Ten (the two fragrances feature many, many elements in common) since both are woodsy, rubbery, leathery and discreetly floral even if XJ Homme ends with a sort of soapy powderiness that is slightly different in comparison with the Knize Ten's mossy-animalic dry down.After a wonderful citrusy-herbal opening the smell slides, through a spicy-floral transition, in to a wonderful dark industrial "tamed" leather. The latter is always cool, spicy-herbal, aromatic and sophisticated by detergent-musky iris, rose, vanilla and grey amber. A touch of smoothness tames a bit the roughness of the masculine woodsy dry down. Extremely expensive and wonderfully packaged, XJ Homme is leather at its best in parfumery.

    24th March, 2012

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