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    Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

    Normally I am not given to these type of fragrances. however, after years of well....LIFE, time and maturity has prawn my nose in different diirections. i remember when this first came out, everyone wreaked of this stuff. if you lit a match in a night club, it would have exploded instantaneously! Armanishima!
    Recently I revisited this fragrance....tadaaaaaaa! not just liking it, but LOVING IT! the strange part? it's spring right now!!! the opening of citrus is so refreshing on a spring morning when it's still cool outside, but beginning to warm. the fragrance follows this season well. the middle notes of floral bring a soft warmth, and then the base notes kick in with the guiac wood and the tonka bean like a woody campfire evening wrapped up by a good dessert (Tonka Bean). Albeit, when the temps get too hot, this one will knot work for me. I don't enjoy a gourmand-esque type ending to my fragrance in the summer. Give me crisp, green, icy, and dirty patchouli like fragrances then and I am a happy man. peace and cheers all.

    27th March, 2012

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