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    Red for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

    There are many notes listed in here, but the pronounced ones are: geranium, leather, oakmoss, cumin, cedar, and although not listed I get a big burst of lavender in the opening.

    RED opens with a spicy/minty smell. The mint comes from the geranium I presume. Behind it, you can smell a leather note from the opening, The leather finally gets to the front by the base notes. The middle is where the cumin really comes out, and it just smells very musky. This is my least favorite part of the fragrance. The first 5 minutes or so is quite nice, where I get a powerful lavender, mint/geranium, and spice, with leather behind it. It turns into a cumin takeover, backed by leather. Once the cumin disappears, it turns into mostly leather, oakmoss and cedar.

    Not often do I dislike the middle notes of a fragrance, but here I do. The top and base are nice.. take the cumin out of the equation, and we have a winner. I am being biased too because I can't stand animallic notes. While at the same time, I think the cumin makes the fragrance different from most 80's powerhouses. To compare it to another fragrance, it's similar to Polo original in many ways.

    30th March, 2012

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