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    Amoureuse by Delrae

    Amoureuse is one of four DelRae offerings, all by Michel Roudnitska, the son of Edmond Roudnitska, another nose of some repute. Amoureuse is a kind of chypre, with citrus top and oakmoss base, but it is a little woodier and greener than most floral chypres. Its sojourn on my skin begins with a floral bouquet, slightly sharpened and enlivened by tangerine, and discreetly spiced by cardamom. At the end comes a beautiful accord of cedar, moss, sandalwood, and honey. In the middle of this is a bouquet of white flowers: tuberose, jasmine, and white ginger flower. Apart form the tropical nature of this accord (which reminds me of things I smelled on vacations in the islands of the Pacific), is the unusual blending of white ginger into the mix. This is the beautiful scent of the lily Hedychium coronarium, whose original range is in the Nepalese and Indian Himalayas. How to describe this scent? It's rich, penetrating, with a slightly acerbic edge, and definitely heady. It's not a very common note in perfumery, but it gets some use in "female" scents; however, I think in this accord it can be very sexy on the right man. (Me!)

    31st August, 2008

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