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    Voyage d'Hermes Parfum by Hermès

    I got these pure perfume samples as a gift from a cosmetic shop. Opening is wonderful, spicy citrus, grapefruit mostly, fades away pretty quickly. Then, it goes floral, I detect rose and tea notes (which I love) there. And... Very disappointing drydown happens!. I get musk along with heart notes at the end but dry down smells like it gets watered down (eh, may be that was the goal?). In general, this smells like cold, fresh, floral version of Terre'd Hermes.

    Since it's pure perfume, just at the beggining, it projects damn good. I applied one sprey at the back of each ear. I was hardly getting the smell after mid day, so longevity wasn't that good for a pure perfume or my expectations were too high. I wouldn't bother to buy EDT version. Actually, I think like others, it's overpriced.

    I give neutral, because for a pure perfume it didn't performed as I expected, also I don't find anything special about it and the price is just bleh! Still, this is a good fragrance for who wishes to smell just expensive, there you go.

    31st March, 2012

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