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    Acqua di Sale by Profumum

    I took an afternoon excursion over to The Scent Bar in Los Angeles after a year of salivating over fragrances and samples from the boutique’s website. Though the store was a tad bit larger than a walk-in closet, it was a walk-in closet from heaven. I was overwhelmed by and in awe of the selection of niche fragrances, especially as a niche virgin. As anyone reading this can tell I am still coming down from the adrenaline rush of finally making the trip. I rattled off a list of fragrances I wanted to smell when the sa (or, proprietor?) asked me point-blank, “What do you like in a perfume and how do you want to feel when you wear it?” Way to tactfully get me to focus! I expressed interest in unusual beachy scents. This is one of many scents he had me try. This is the one that stood out among the many beach scents.

    This starts out with a seemingly intentional artificial orange blossomy scent, which mimics old school Coppertone in my mind. (Peculiar, I get orange blossom though it is clearly not in this, or at least not listed anywhere.) Underlying this is the saltiness of a light sweat in the summer’s afternoon sun along with the driftwood and seaweed of the ocean’s air. The screechingly sweet artificiality of the Coppertone note keeps me from absolutely loving it. Yet it is the entire mix—including the artificial note—that keeps me sniffing compulsively. I love it, then I find myself annoyed by the overwhelming Coppertone note, and then I round back to loving it again. This fragrance truly confuses me! One interesting thing about this fragrance: it has the ability to transport the wearer and others around the wearer to the nearest deserted beach as the fog rolls in, when the smell of the tide is strongest. Love it or hate it, you’re going to be transported to the beach; the sillage will be taking others along with you, as this is a sillage monster.

    With the complex woody drydown I would personally consider this an ozonic chypre (if there is such a thing; if not, this fragrance proves there should be). I do not typically care for chypres but I find them the most interesting of all the scents in the fragrance kingdom. This is among the most interesting of the chypres I have yet smelled. I don’t have the $240.00+ for this and if I did I am not so sure I would make the investment in this. I prefer the safety of the waters provided by Lilly Pulitzer’s Beachy but this is certainly a beach adventure in a bottle.

    01st April, 2012

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