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    Vanillary by Gorilla Perfume

    Vanillary is brilliantly simple. It is a mature jasmine-vanilla scent. Not mature as in ‘dated and musty’ but ‘grown up and refined’. This is unlike any vanilla scent I’ve yet to encounter. There is a smoldering incense in the drydown that could be attributed to the mix of tonka bean and jasmine. The vanilla is unadulterated. The jasmine is impressively authentic; it reminds me of the night-blooming jasmine bush in front of my house. It miraculously captured the scent of real jasmine as it blooms on a May evening. It’s pure bliss! Too many jasmine fragrances fall victim of turning into ‘car freshener’ jasmine, too sweet and too plasticky. This is the real deal. I spent an entire afternoon compulsively sniffing my wrists like a mental ward patient with an OCD tick. I had to go back to the Lush boutique and make this scent my own.

    My only complaint is its inability to last longer than two hours. The sales person who insisted I would love this fragrance also massaged one of my forearms with the Heavanilli massage bar which is also scented with Vanillary. The use of the massage bar prolonged the scent and softened my skin. Maybe it’s just my skin’s chemistry but this scent vanishes in a smoky instant so layering is a necessity.

    Anyone who is turned off by vanilla fragrances must give this one a go. It is not your typical saccharine vanilla.

    01st April, 2012

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