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    Black Jade by Lubin

    An exquisitely well-blended scent: at once light and shadow. I wish I could say more about the notes, but no particular 'ingredient' dominates for me. However, if I was blind-sniffing Black Jade, I'd say I could smell juniper berries (possibly absconded from sister fragrance Gin Fizz?).

    Despite the name and an abundance of heavy-sounding notes, this is not a black/dark fragrance at all. Just like the jade green cap colour, BJ has a subdued freshness which would be suitable to wear for most occasions and seasons, even warm weather. It's like a muted ‘eau fraiche’ with extra complexity.

    Interestingly, I recently met a lady who claimed to be allergic to almost everything under the sun, yet could spray Black Jade directly onto her skin without a reaction. If I was in a similar predicament, I could think of worse things than committing to this particular scent. But for me it's not quite special enough to pay full price for a bottle, no matter how sensuously rounded that bottle may be.

    01st April, 2012

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