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    Everlast Original 1910 by Everlast

    On me, this is a very non-linear frag. The opening is a very sharp but pleasant citrus (probably just straight limonene) that I find refreshing, like a splash of 4711, but that zest is likewise really only cologne-like in duration. As that quickly tapers off, it reveals a mild and slightly powdery oriental base. The main notes I get are cinnamon, nutmeg and tonka. A lot of people say, too, "leather and musk." Probably, but those are broad and protean accords that I have a hard time putting a finger on.

    Longevity and projection are not great, but that's ok with me. I consider this a private frag, something I spritz on some evenings when I want to freshen up (the citrus) and then enjoy a little spice. Pleasant and a great value.

    Bonus review, from Chandler Burr: "An unlikely champ is the Everlast fragrance, from the boxing-supplies company. Initially it has a fresh citrus smell, giving the impression you've hit the showers. After a moment to settle in, it radiates a leather aroma. It's a traditional scent, and I would wear it in the office or ringside at the MGM Grand."

    03rd April, 2012

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