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    Ambre 114 by Histoires de Parfums

    Well I've only had my Bottle of Ambre 114 for about a week and man what a fragrance.

    I knew what I was getting myself into with it when I had been trying it from a sample but I had no idea what it would become.

    Nothing else I have worn, ever, has had that many comments (note comments not compliments). People in work have actually stopped when walking past me to ask what it is that I'm wearing and how different/strange it smells. Someone said it smelt medicinal but had a lovely warm smell to it and someone else just badgered me for 10 minutes with the "what are you wearing?" line.

    I mean it's nice to get attention and all but this fragrance is just so much more to me. It is certainly in holy grail territory but from a frag/fume-head point of view. I have never smelt anything in my life that keeps giving the way Ambre 114 does. Every time I have worn it, I get something different. Obviously there is quite an oriental kick to it and it can sometimes overpower just after application but even though it has an opulent almost "thick" smell it always stays light on the skin. You get florals through it, and once, only once, I got a fabulous birch tar note for about an hour after wearing it for about 5 hours.

    You can get a clear 15+ hours out of this and wearing it is like reading a story or going on a journey.

    My only concern about it is................ can it be too nice to wear every day?


    03rd April, 2012

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