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    Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

    There was once a man that I was very keen on. For years I lusted after him, until one drunken night, I let my feelings show and ended up going home with him. Polo Blue was the fragrance he wore that particular night.

    I remember feeling intoxicated by its aroma, (in a good way). It was fresh, watery, a little citrusy and a touch herbaceous. Despite the fact that he was already a sexy looking guy, this fragrance made him all the more appealing.

    This scent is youthful, yet masculine. It has a somewhat soapy edge that tends to become powdery as the fragrance develops.

    While some dislike the dominant cucumber note, I rather enjoyed it. I used to have a sample of Polo Red, White and Blue, and in some ways, these two fragrances are similar.

    This fragrance seems really suited to the young, sporty types. Unfortunately after my night with the man in question, we never saw each other again, so in some ways this fragrance has become less attractive in my eyes, just like CK's Eternity did after a two year relationship ended.

    Polo Blue, although very pleasant, has shocking lasting power. I was a little disappointed to find it lasting no more than four hours. Every now and then I'll spritz this fragrance on to a piece of card to remember him, and everytime I do, I keep thinking how fresh, comforting, Summery and sporty this fragrance is.

    04th April, 2012

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