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    Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

    Egoiste Platinum is one of those fragrances where you have to wait it out in order to understand its brilliance and appeal.

    When I first sprayed it, I thought it was yet another sharp citrusy scent combined with lavender, but the more it developed the more amazing it became. I'm almost to the point where I would call this fragrance a major turn-on.

    It's refreshing, a little spicy, slightly dry, clean and edgy. It's everything I enjoy in a masculine Summer scent, however due to this fragrance being so versatile, I'd say wear it all year round.

    In the heart, I find this fragrance quite zesty, almost like a rich, pulpy orange with a sexy and heady geranium note. This fragrance is actually quite distinctive and unique despite it being so popular.

    Egoiste Platinum reeks confidence, charm and comfort. I like the way guest_pippi (Fragrantica member) put it, I too could 'eat a man' wearing this. The drydown is a spectacular blend of woods and aromatic herbs.

    The longevity and sillage are equally fabulous, everything that I'd expect from Chanel. It was a pity that the store in which I tested this fragrance didn't have the original Egoiste too, which I've been longing to try since discovering Egoiste Platinum.

    04th April, 2012

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