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    Grand Amour by Annick Goutal

    Grand Amour, is in my opinion, quite distinct when compared to Annick Goutal's other fragrances.

    There's something oddly green in this composition. It's pretty and feminine in a different way than what I'm used to. I can sense an abundance of watery lillies, green grass, honeyed leather, sweet mimose and jasmine, and a slightly chemical vanilla. In other words, a very unique green floral.

    Well unlike other reviewers, I don't find this fragrance too heavy or too chaotic. I rather like its quirky little characteristics. I'm rather enchanted by its natural Spring-like freshness.

    Like Ninfeo Mio, Grand Amour makes me think of a garden, a luscious green one. As it develops further there's a subtle soapiness and a touch of metallic coldness.

    In the drydown there are occasional wafts of rich amber and vanilla, however on my skin, Grand Amour remained pretty and green. This fragrance is not really an oriental in my humble opinion. Well, certainly not oriental when compared to Goutal's Les Orientalistes series.

    I can't say that this is my favourite fragrance from this beloved house of mine, (Passion still reigns supreme, shortly followed by Heure Exquise), but for what it's worth I haven't managed to dislike an Annick Goutal fragrance yet, (touch wood). Grand Amour just goes on to prove that this is an unstoppable house with such a variety to choose from.

    04th April, 2012

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