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    Vetiver by Lorenzo Villoresi

    What a magnificent fragrance is it! This is a complex fougere with a multifaceted soul and a vetiver aftertaste swirling around silently, a typical Villoresi's magistrally appointed olfactory orchestra. The time places each element in the right location. The first blast is an harsh (tea kind) infusion of roots, peppery bergamot, woods, smoke and herbs, with a marked lemony-orangy feel. This kind of opening is very natural, tart, grassy and boisterous, turning out as the challenging part of the work, so compelling and virile. I catch some pine in the blend or may be is simply the windy-aromatic effect of the lavender in the air. As well as some other reviewers underlined, sliding the time the rustic opening leaves the stage to a more (ostensibly) linear and peaceful aqueous (almost salty-iodate) and woodsy vetiver-cedar with a smoky and slightly bitter masculine temperament and a marked final sandalwood. Finally another great fragrance from Monsieur Villoresi (the lord of the olfactory balanced complexity), well balanced, cleverly mossy, delicately airy and rosey, slightly exotic (citrus-lavender-tonka), with a background of vetiver and a bitter undertone. Each element has its own personality but is currently flanked by a bashful vetiver.

    06th April, 2012

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