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    Parfums des Beaux Arts Viridian by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

    Viridian is a green scent par excellence – maybe even a green scent archetype. From its opening of wormwood (artemisia), galbanum, and bergamot to its mildly mossy drydown this scent radiates the cool green light of sunshine filtered through foliage. For most of its life on the skin Viridian sustains a refreshing, pleasantly bitter accord of violet leaf, fresh herbs, and galbanum over a smooth iris and vetiver foundation. The balance between crisp/astringent and powdery/smooth is perfectly judged, such that the opposing elements play out in a state of perfect equipoise.

    As to be expected, Viridian’s leafy herbaceous components peel away first, followed by the iris, so that by the two hour mark the vetiver is left to mingle with moss and quiet woods in the drydown. Interestingly enough, there is a phase, midway through Viridian’s development, where the vetiver and violet leaf interact in a manner surprisingly reminiscent of – I kid you not – Grey Flannel. The effect is transient, but I can’t help smiling every time I notice it. Perky, yet never trivial, brisk, but never harsh, Viridian is the perfect olfactory antidote to a steamy summer day.

    06th April, 2012

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