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    Black by Bulgari

    My first fragrance from Bvlgari - black is truly something special.

    Most people think rubber when they try this fragrance, but you should really just have a soothing cup of Lapsang Souchang-tea before you discard this fragrance as just endless rubber.

    The smokey, tare-infused smell and taste of the tea will dictate what Black is all about. Dark, sensual and slightly ... let's be honest here - both naughty and kinky due to the darkness of the fragrance, mixed with the vanilla.

    You're met bya prominent "rubberized" smell, which is the Lapsang Souchang tea. After a little while, the leather and wood mid pokes forward - and is joined by a prominent (at least on me) vanilla-note in the base. Still, it's not overtly sweet like a lot of vanilla scents.

    It's easy to see, and understand all the comments about rubber, and to many people that's what you get initially, but if you know your teas, you'll recognize this as "something else", but still very influenced by the lingering and somewhat naughty "rubberized" feel.

    A wonderful but very special fragrance to be worn with confidence and a slight desire to express your kinky inner person. One of the few designer-fragrances I really like.

    06th April, 2012

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