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    Divin'enfant by Etat Libre d'Orange

    Divin Enfant is becoming a favorite of mine.
    The fragrances by Etat Libre d'Orange have some racy/provocative names and packaging; and some folks dismiss the actual fragrances because of the silly marketing. However, I have learned by sampling, wearing and buying a few fragrances, that they are well-made and worthy of some attention by the perfume-buying public.
    Divin Enfant is a lovely, soft fragrance, which on my skin has above average longevity and moderate sillage. I've worn it in cold weather and in warmer weather and find it appropriate and enjoyable.
    Divin Enfant is radiant on my skin and feels rich and playful. DE is a lovely concoction of orange blossom, a marshmallow-mocha note, and some soft smoke and leather. I see it as completely unisex. Itís subtle but quite unusual and divine!
    It is a different fragrance, as is the norm for creations by ELdO, but I'm enjoying its progression.
    The sweetness of the top notes is nicely balanced by the bitter-sweet of the mid and base notes.
    True to the concept of the brand, there is a duality in this perfume; a blending of innocence and wickedness.
    Could it be any more clear? Look at the contrast of the notes:
    Innocence = orange blossom, marshmallow, rose / Decadence = Moka (coffee), leather, amber, musk, tobacco

    07th April, 2012

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