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    Leather Oud by Christian Dior

    Totally not what I was expecting from the name...but a treasure nonetheless!
    The leather is subtle and smoky, not disgusting and pungent like Tuscan Leather.
    The Oud leads you into a dark doorway of a castle.
    This is a very smoky scent...I love it. Dark, complex, unique.
    I would say that this is without a doubt the most "masculine" fragrance I have ever smelled.
    AND -- like a quality leather based fragrance, this one will outlast a shower; sometimes even TWO showers.
    Get it? Two showers and it's still there! Use sparingly...
    So what so I get from it...
    At first sniff it reminded me of this tobacconist shop here...they have a smoking area where people can sit back on their really nice antique leather couches and chairs and smoke cigars and watch tv, etc. I went in to buy a pack of Nat Sherman cigarettes one day and the smell of Leather Oud instantly took me back to that shop. So we've got mainly pipe tobacco, smoke, and leather in the top, and then the Oud \ Woody undertones come out and sneak up on you. The leather is very, very well done. I don't normally like leather based scents but I love this. Now...will the ladies like this one? Probably not...I would say that definitely do NOT blind buy this and if you like it, try wearing only one or two sprays and that's it.

    07th April, 2012

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