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    Black Rose Oud by Trish McEvoy

    Out of the three rose oud fragrances I have tried - midnight oud juliette has a gun, rose oud by kilian and black rose oud trish mcevoy - black rose oud is my favourite.

    To me it smells like a dark burgundy red velvet rose; in particular a rose variety that my mother used to grow in our garden when I was a child - the 'Black Velvetí rose -a large-flowered Hybrid Tea. The color is a deep burgundy red with a dark, blackish velvety look, that describes itís name. It bears flowers mostly one to a stem, and the huge oval buds open into large semi-double blooms that have a lovely fragrance. The flowers repeat their blooms through summer and fall. Itís a vigorous plant with an upright habit, typical for Hybrid Teas, and dark green leathery foilage.

    When I smelled black rose oud it reminded me of that 'black velvet' rose variety immediately, probably why I like it so much!

    08th April, 2012

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