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    TL pour Lui by Ted Lapidus

    Simply great juice! I like the reviews here...a lot of positivity. This is a great scent in the vein of Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male and Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge to me, actually similar to both and taking the best out of each!

    I have a fondness for JPG Le Male (it's part of my fragrance history as it came out the year I graduated college). I even bought a bottle in Paris that traveled a lot of places with me - it was one of my signature scents when I was younger. Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge eliminates a lot of the sweetness in JPG Le Male and adds some very nice incense and cardamom - excellent spiciness and a less cloying fragrance...sharper and truly wonderful.

    TL Pour Lui has some absolutely wonderful vanilla (this is the key to the richness and warmth of this fragrance - superb!) The top notes come more from Le Male to my nose with the refreshing mint, great orange blossoms and lavender. However, there are also parallels to Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge as the smell is not overly sweet and the musks (both white and a little darker) add great notes to this fragrance along with the key mid-note of cedarwood. This keeps a "cleanliness" about the fragrance, yet somehow also enriches the great non-synthetic vanilla smell.

    I will always have Le Male in my collection and Jacomo Rouge is now definitely one I reach for (and even bought a cool, red lighter flacon for my two boys who are building a shelf of fragrances they share!), but TL Pour Lui is something, by itself, simply fantastic! The vanilla in this is so pure, ethereal - yet rich. Somehow, the scent is both fresh and sweet (without being cloying) - remarkable composition. A somewhat unknown hidden gem in the fragrance world created by one of the greatest perfumiers, Monsieur Maurice Roucel (please correct the typo above in the fragrance overview as his first name is simply misspelled). You see...I have never come across a fragrance created by Maurice Roucel that I have not at least admired - I have many (as does my wife) that we absolutely LOVE! I will blind-buy bottles of Roucel's work - and yet to be disappointed.

    Ironically, he also was the creator of Bogart Pour Homme in 2004...a fragrance that some on here have compared this to. I will leave that alone as they are both Roucel's work - I find them significantly different, by the way). I happen to love TL Pour Lui and it is a steal! Score - 8.8/10!!

    29th February, 2012 (Last Edited: 08th April, 2012)

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