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    Bogart pour Homme by Jacques Bogart

    Wow! After an initial trial wearing (a single spray that had me in awe at first scent - both power and wonderful notes), this got stored away. I have a friend that I promised a full-wearing and searched until I found it today. Maurice Roucel (one of my absolute favorite noses and perfumiers that creates magic in a bottle!) gave us TL Pour Lui the year before in 2003 - an example of using lifted and fresh notes (mint, white florals and smooth lavender along with a beautiful, ethereal vanilla touching light wood). I love it - it is no secret. Unbelieveably good juice for the price!

    Shift gears - or better yet. Jump onto a rocket! This is tonka bean turned up (in guitar lingo) - dimed!! But, as powerful as the tonka is, Jacques Bogart PH was created with the touch of Monsieur Roucel. It is atomic upon application, but has amazing rich cherry pipe tobacco, rich, blooming lavender with a blast of bergamot squeezed into the bottle and a fantastic note of cedar that I got in the heart of this scent (along with the florals that are used softly, but to the right effect). The patchouli is awesome here as well - along with a nice clean, but very fragrant white musk...both lifting and sharpening the fragrance's composition and allowing it to breathe. As explosive as it is upon "take-off", it opens a parachute at the point where the cedar comes in. The slow drift back to Earth is the amazing dry down...depending upon application (skin or clothes) - this could take 8+ hours or more than half a week! Tonka Bean is smoldering underneath all of this as if being warmed and simmering with the essence being released - wafting up throughout the entire wear.

    What I like is the note separation - even in the initial blast. I went in prepared (not quit a haz-mat suit), but I did several (4-5) half-sprays with the nice atomizer. A well-made flacon as well - points for that. After I got into the florals and the cherry pipe tobacco was dying down into the cedar and patchouli, I reapplied another 3-4 half-sprays on skin and, for fun, a full blast on the center of my shirt! I swear, somewhere in that mushroom cloud...Superman's "S" appeared on my shirt! ;-)

    Damn good fun! My wife was almost blown away from a room away - no joke. When I walked within 15 feet of her...she said, "Okay - what IS that???" And, the best part, she wasn't at all mad nor was I in the doghouse - she loved it! She admitted it is strong as hell, but when she smell my wrist and I mentioned some notes - she was able to pull them out. From 15 feet away, she said it smelled simply awesome.

    So, moral of this story...this has an amazing aura to it - I feel like I am in a cloud right now (or maybe on one)...another great, unique and wonderful triumph in fragrance for Monsieur Roucel! I am not misplacing this bottle again! It went onto my dresser at my wife's direct order!

    This is an inexpensive modern powerhouse that never gets Roucel's work never does - a true master at his craft! We are all thankful...8.8/10!

    I will let this and TL Pour Lui share the same score as they both strike me as brilliant - TL Pour Lui is a beautiful flamenco guitar played with touch and Jacques Bogart PH is a Marshall Amplifier cranked up to 10 to fill a large hall, but all the notes coming out of it are amazing as the guitar player is fantastic! Highly recommended.

    12th April, 2012

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