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    1828 by Histoires de Parfums

    I see that with a very few exceptions, even the positive reviews of 1828 (Jules Verne) are less than wholly enthusiastic. Well, I beg to differ. I find this fragrance enthralling. I have explored a full sample set from Histoire De Parfum. Now; I am no technical expert but I feel confident in saying that the materials and the structure of these fragrances must be amongst the best that I have experienced.

    I spent the day with Jules Verne today. The opening is..... I have to say it, very masculine. Virile, bracing and fresh. Top notes are citrus and eucalyptus. Then; I agree with those respected reviewers who have stated this previously, it becomes oddly elusive for a time. It really does. BUT, the best is yet to come. Other reviewers comment on the development of pepper and spice and others lament the lack of pine, but for me, after a while 1828 releases the most wonderful accord of pine and vetiver. Every so often I thought that I did catch a wisp of eucalyptus in the middle too. But it is the pine/vetiver which I find gorgeous and this stage lasts and lasts. Histoires De Parfum tell us that the pine note is Pine Cone. Would this perhaps differ from resinous pine?

    They also tell us that this Aromatic Hesperide should suggest marine breeze and heath. Well, it is fresh, yes, outdoorsy, yes, and it is cool, very cool, but do not expect ozone. This is way, way further inland. In fact I cant help but think that this is very Northern European. This is a highlander or a viking after washing in a cold river and rolling in the forrest floor. Oh behave now!! But I am sure you get the gist!!

    And there is more! Eventually some lovely calm cedar comes through then finally we are left with amber, the amber that is a theme through several of the fragrances in this line.

    10th June, 2011 (Last Edited: 13th April, 2012)

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