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    Absinth by Nasomatto

    Green, earthy, herbal, slightly musky (not in the perfumer's sense, but rather, a bit raw and unwashed). This is "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma," to quote the words of Winston Churchill referring the Soviet Union, uttered in 1939. Nasomatto fragrances doesn't reveal the notes in their formulations, so we pikers have to put our heads together and come up with a best guess among us. Alessandro Gualtieri, the nose of Nasomatto (whose name, incidentally is Italian for "crazy nose"), searches out deeply redolent notes to combine and contrast in ways designed to mislead the nose, one feels; but misleading here means intriguing as well. Absinth is evocative of the liqueur of the same name, but through the rather raw and earthy note of wormwood instead of the usual, anise or fennel note that many of us associate with pastis, the modern, sanitized version of the drink whose effects are depicted in Edgar Degas' painting L'Absinthe. The perfume (and Nasomatto creations are perfumes in terms of concentration) has an elusive element to it, a fleeting, now-you-smell-it-now-you-don't kind of salty vetiver feel. Intriguing, a tad mysterious, evocative of something just out of the reach of memory: remembered... or imagined... or both?

    09th January, 2010

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