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    M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

    I'm curious about many discontinued fragrances, the reason being, I want to know why they were removed from the market. Seeing the amount of rave reviews M7 had been given, its discontinuation was quite unclear to me.

    The moment I applied M7 to my skin, I was not repulsed, however I detected a straight-up cherry flavoured cough syrup note. I know this scent well, as a kid I suffered from bronchitis and quite often had to down this sickening liquid. From cough syrup it then began to smell slightly antiseptic, before settling into a soft, powdery spice scent.

    The medicinal accord seems to be forever present, however a smokey and dry spiciness balances out the fragrance. It's a weird scent because it's somewhere between a spicy masculine and a sweet, powdery feminine. It's intriguing to say the least.

    I'm a little confused as to the sillage, which I find rather weak after the cough syrup note dies down. My skin possibly eats up this fragrance, but even on paper, M7 struggles to project. Another confusion was its so-called sexiness, which I don't fathom. I find it more soothing than anything; a snuggling fragrance.

    After wearing M7 for several hours, the lasting power is still going strong. I'm also on the verge on recommending this fragrance for both sexes as I have enjoyed wearing it, and have not once felt out-of-place. The odd powdery sweetness makes it perfectly wearable for women.

    All in all I like it for its unique approach. I do believe it was discontinued because it was so vastly different from anything else that Yves Saint Laurent sold. To any ordinary nose, M7 just couldn't measure up to the acidic citrus colognes or aquatics that had begun to flood the male fragrance counters around the time M7 got the chop.

    14th April, 2012

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